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West Virginia Mineral Rights: How We Manage Risk

Perhaps this page should have been entitled “how are we able to offer you more money for your mineral rights than ‘the other guys’?” As most people already know, natural gas and minerals are typically very valuable resources. If you own property that has a high probability of containing minerals or other valuable resources, then potential buyers may have told you that mineral property is “risky;” therefore, it is supposedly not worth a great sum of money. Due to the structure of our business here at H&M Land and Mineral, we are able to offer you what you deserve for your property. Read the information below to learn more about the risks involved with purchasing West Virginia mineral rights and how we manage the risks involved.

About The Risk

While some properties do “strike gold,” other properties may supply owners with little or no profit; the mineral, oil, and gas industry is highly speculative in nature due to fluctuating gas prices and other fickle factors. If that is truly the case, then you may be wondering why in the world we are so interested in purchasing your property at a reasonable rate. “Why is H&M Land and Mineral willing to take such a big risk?” You may ask yourself.

Calculated Risks

The answer is quite simple: we can provide you with a hefty payment for your property because the industry is speculative. We know that when West Virginia mineral rights properties pay off, they pay off big; therefore, we are willing to manage the future risks involved when purchasing a portfolio of properties. The small percentage of properties that do pay off will more than cover our initial investment. Because of this, we can confidently assure you that H&M Land and Mineral is the very best choice for your needs.

Everyone Is Happy

Since West Virginia mineral rights property owners get a generous check and we make a decent profit upon finishing a successful sale, both parties are more than happy. Who wouldnÂ’t want a mutually beneficial business deal?

To make a long story short, we pay you for your property rights and take risks so you do not have to. Instead of worrying about whether or not you will receive royalty checks, you can simply let us handle things and accept our generous payment for your mineral rights. For instance, if you live in West Virginia you can simply fill out a form and request an offer concerning your West Virginia Mineral Rights. We are committed to quickly responding to your inquiry, and we are excited to help you make good use of your property.

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