We Are in the Business of Purchasing Mineral Rights

Sometimes you cannot believe your good fortune. That is certainly the way owners of mineral rights felt when they discovered their real estate was sitting on oil and gas deposits below the ground. These deposits are normally found in the state of Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Purchasing Rights – Our Specialty

While they could go ahead and lease the parcel to a mining company for them to explore and possibly drill, it is a far better idea to sell your rights to our company, H&M Land and Management, as purchasing mineral rights is our specialty.

A Major High-risk Investment

We are buyers in the field as this exceptionally high-risk investment and we know that most holders of rights are not going to see their investments flourish as much as they would like. What we offer then for mineral rights purchasers is a sure cash exchange for a volatile property.

Making a Decision to Buy or Sell

Most buyers like to buy these real estate investments as they can be gauged with positive pricing movements. Our contribution here at H&M Land and Management makes it possible for us to use speculator capital to increase our holdings when purchasing mineral rights.

Offsetting Any Losses

When we buy sizable amounts of land, we feel confident that the calculated risk will be offset by any losses that may occur and be leveraged by the sizable amounts of mineral acreage we acquire.

What We Offer the Seller

At the same time, we believe this kind of calculated risk-taking will provide us with profitable properties, albeit a very small percentage of realizable gains. Therefore, we at H&M Land and Management invite mineral owners to switch out their holdings for our pledge – a pledge that will give them a guaranteed lump sum of cash for any purpose under the sun, including retirement, loan payoffs or education.

Take time out and consider the advantages of permitting us here at H&M Land and Management to take over the risk for you. Give us the opportunity to turn your fee simple ownership into a complete and satisfying cash transaction. Therefore, if you have been in a quandary for quite some time about giving up the rights to your land for cash, you can see how selling your rights can provide a win-win situation for our company as well as your own family.

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Do you want to pay off your mortgage? Would you like to have more money for retirement? How about home upgrades? Making the upgrades will make your real estate all that more valuable. Indeed, mineral rights are like the magic in a story that transforms a community. We invite you to visit us here at H&M Land and Management Online to obtain further details of mineral rights. We can answer all your questions about how sales transactions go through for relinquishing the rights.

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