Sell Your Royalties for Quick Cash to One of Our Oil and Gas Royalty Buyers

Are you making a monthly income from royalties of oil and gas production on your property? Are you ready to sell your land or need to sell your royalty rights before retirement? If you are ready to sell your royalties, then we want to talk to you about buying them. Our oil and gas royalty buyers are always looking for royalty owners ready to sell.

How to Sell Your Royalties?

Selling the rights to your oil and gas royalties can be as easy as contacting us at M&Land and Mineral. Our oil and gas royalty buyers will examine the production records from your property and assess the current value of your oil and gas reserves. Once you receive our assessment, you can choose to sell your royalties to us or you can pass on our offer. You will be under no obligation to take any offer we make you for your royalties.

Get Cash Fast

We have a three-tiered system to evaluate the value of your mineral rights. We research the title of your property and then, once you sell us your royalties, you will get your lump sum payment quickly. You can use the money however you wish. Use it to fund the trip of dreams around the world or put it into a tax deferred retirement account. That is between you and your investment advisor.

Why Sell Your Royalties to Us?

We have several years of experience buying mineral rights and royalties in the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia areas. Our business is located in Pennsylvania, so we are a local business. We are also familiar with the rules and regulations for the gas and oil business in the area, so you know our assessments will be fair and legal. Our oil and gas royalty buyers will not try to undervalue your mineral rights, but they will offer a fair value based on current market prices.

Contact Us about Selling Your Royalties

If you are ready to sell your oil and gas royalties, just call our company to speak to an oil and gas royalty buyer. You can fill out an online form, call our toll free number or send an email to us about buying your royalties. When you are ready to sell, don’t hesitate about talking to us. The oil and gas markets are volatile and they can rise or fall quickly. It is better to sell while the market is hot and we will help you get money for your royalty rights quickly.

It doesn’t matter why you need the money, but by selling your rights to one of our oil and gas royalty buyers, you can quickly get money from our company.

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