Sell Mineral Rights and Come Out Ahead

If you have been looking for the right opportunity to sell mineral rights featured on your property, now may be better than any other time to take advantage of the opportunity. Holding mineral rights allows you to cash in on real estate rights in order to enjoy retirement more or provide for a grandchild’s education. You cannot accomplish those activities if you hold onto the mineral rights and refuse to let them go.

We have found here at H&M Land and Management that most people who hold mineral rights in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia rarely, if ever, receive an unfathomable windfall if they hold onto their property. Instead, the largest amount you will acquire for a windfall will be the money we at H&M Land and Management will give for the rights themselves.

Reap the Financial Rewards Now

Therefore, now may be the time you need to take the plunge and sell mineral rights in return for retirement money, the purchase of another parcel of real estate or as a partial payment for a big ticket item such as a car. Use the money now and reap the reward that comes with such an erstwhile investment.

When making mineral rights transactions, we often find here at H&M Land and Management that some people are not sure just what qualifies as a mineral. Because of our time in the mineral rights industry, we can easily make that distinction ourselves. Actually, the word mineral can be used in one of a number of contexts. Usually ores of metals, natural gas, oil, gemstones, salt and aggregates are examples of minerals.

The Value of Minerals

However, that being said, some states do not recognize some of the above-mentioned elements as being minerals. Still, for the most part, that listing is pretty true to form. Needless to say, when used in real estate transactions, minerals can result in a large amount of money changing hands. Also, the lease-plus-royalties value in mineral property transactions frequently exceeds the worth associated with a property’s real estate.

What’s more, natural gas and oil transactions can run, in some instances, in amounts that are amazing to say the least. If an owner is not used to acquiring that kind of money, he will definitely feel he just stepped outside his sphere of influence in the world of investments. If you have a contract on your property, it is only as good as the attorney who penned it, especially if you do not understand you rights.

Allow us to show you how the process works and how it benefits both the buyer and seller. By investing in a large number of holdings, we at H&M Land and Management are able to offset any losses we make, and can experience small gains in the properties that eventually prove to be worth our acquisition.

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