+Why should I sell my Mineral Rights?

You receive a lump sum payment.

H&M Land and Mineral can help you achieve financial security by giving you a cash payment now. Imagine being able to simply pay off your mortgage, retire where the sun shines every day, fund your child’s college education, or make an impactful donation to your church or charity of choice. 

Using the lump sum you earned to invest means a more reliable financial future for you and your family. 

You’re guaranteed a lower tax rate.

You’ll pay a capital gains tax on mineral rights that you sell, which is usually a 15-20% rate. This lower tax rate will save you thousands of dollars. 

For example, if your property was drilled and you made $100,000 from it, you would be taxed between 40-45% via income tax. 

Whereas, if you paid a capital gains tax instead, you would only lose $20,000 – no matter what – one time. So, you would either make $50,000 without the capital gains tax or $80,000 with a capital gains tax. What would you choose?

We alleviate risk.

We ensure that you see a large sum of money for your mineral interest right now while we manage the future risk. H&M Land and Mineral can offer you a price for your unpredictable assets. 

Mineral rights can be valuable, but are also high-risk investments. Alternative energy sources affect the price of oil and gas. No one can predict the future. So, remove your risk by selling your mineral interests for a lump sum to H&M Land and Mineral today.

H&M does all the work for you

We manage all of the paperwork for you. We absorb the costs of researching the title to discover what your true interests are.

+How soon will I get paid?

After due diligence is performed – including a preliminary interview with one of our experienced landmen, a high valuation appraisal, and mineral acquisition – you could receive payment within 14-90 days in the form of a check, cashier’s check, wired funds, or money order.

The amount of time it takes to get paid depends on the area of your land.

+What is the value of my mineral rights?

Determining how much your mineral rights are worth depends on a number of factors including the location, whether your land is leased or not leased, and the price of oil.

+Do I have to sell all of my mineral rights?

No, the sale doesn’t need to be of all your property. We would be willing to discuss buying a partial interest.

+If there’s a shallow well (production) on my property, is H&M still interested?

Yes, however, the purchase price changes when there’s a shallow well on your property. The terms of the lease would determine the price. 

When mineral rights are currently producing royalties through a shallow well, we call this situation “held by production.” As long as production continues, your lease will run indefinitely. 

+If my mineral rights are under lease, is H&M Land and Mineral still interested?

Yes, but first, we would need to know the terms of the lease, royalty percentage, and review any necessary documents regarding the lease. We can then get a better idea of how the lease affects our interest in the property. 

If your property was leased recently, we would need to know the amount of payment you received from your lease originally and if it will be renewed. 

+When I request an online/phone offer from H&M, is there any obligation?

There’s no obligation what so ever. The process of talking with one of our landmen or filling out our online form about your minerals is not legally binding. From that point, you can decide whether you want to work with H&M Land and Mineral to help you leverage your minerals for the highest possible returns.

When you sign the letter of intent, you (the landowner) make an agreement with H&M Land and Mineral that you will not grant any new oil and gas leases or execute any agreements. The letter also guarantees that H&M will review title to verify the seller’s legal title to the property and its net fee simple interest in the minerals within a certain number of days. 

We will communicate the results with you throughout the title process so you’re always in the loop.

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