Who We Are

We are a company engaged exclusively in the purchase of mineral rights, royalties, and overriding royalty interests.

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We offer  the best value for property owners in the current, volatile climate of the Oil and Gas Industry. H & M Land and Mineral, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Corporation licensed to conduct business in Ohio. Our founders have over 35 years of experience in Oil and Gas acquisition; and have combined that experience, expertise and client relationships, helping property owners achieve the highest returns possible for their minerals.

How does this work?

Selling your mineral rights can help you accomplish your financial goals. H&M Land and Mineral can get you cash now that you can use right away or invest in your children’s future.

What ths means for you

This three-tiered system allows us to provide property owners with the shortest possible time frame between initial contact and closing, so you get your money fast.

Still have questions?

Chances are that some of them have already been asked, and may also have been answered.

Where We Buy

Why Sell?

Knowing the Risks

It is true that some mineral owners will see enormous profits from their minerals; in fact most property owners have probably heard stories about someone who’s raking it in. The truth, however, is that most people will never see that money come their way.
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Why We Do What We Do

We are willing to pay out large sums for mineral rights precisely because this is a speculative industry. Our Buyers engage in this extremely high risk investment process in order to benefit from positive price movements.
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The Takeaways

If you, as a mineral owner, are not overly confident that you will see large royalty checks in the near future, consider letting us take on this risk for you.
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+To Our Buyers

The founders of H & M have worked in the Land Service sector for major Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies in the Appalachian Basin for over 35 years. We understand the complexity of obtaining mineral Real Estate in high traffic Oil and Gas plays and have established relationships with major EP companies, allowing us to stay a step ahead of the competition. By understanding the intricacies of the business and the specifics of our areas of interest we are poised to provide meaningful data to help make calculated investments that offer the promise of significant returns.

We work directly with investors who target areas with active lease plays and leases with companies offering the most aggressive development campaigns in order to maximize potential returns. H & M Land and Minerals is a local company that understands local regulations and state laws; as such we have both the experience and manpower to navigate the system and perform the necessary legal actions to ensure clear title.

At H & M Land and Mineral, we will help your team realize the greatest possible gains in the Ohio Utica Shale play. For more information, please contact us and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

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